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Saturday Meet Free

Program testing is for everyone. Whether you choose to partake in our Saturday Meet, or you’d rather test your lifts during a regularly scheduled session- we want you testing!

Doing so will not only let you see the measurable progress you’ve made, but will help hold you accountable to your program.

We’ll be testing 1-2 strength exercises and 1-2 Endurance exercises per 6 week program. Most folks in the gym right now are working on a Deadlift variation and a Prowler test, though you are free to pick any goals you’d like. Just talk to a coach!

We’ll test every 7 weeks. Week 1 of each cycle will be the time to get acclimated to any program changes, as well as set baselines for to re-test against. Weeks 2-6 will be when most of the hard training a goes on, and Week 7 will be testing week.

In Home Private Training x 10 Sessions Purchase required to enroll