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Friday Fundamentals - Upper Body Free

"Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals." Jim Rohn

Mastering the fundamentals of exercise technique will not only be key to seeing results, but will ensure that we are able to train injury free for years to come!

This class if open to anyone looking to learn or review their exercise fundamentals. Perfect for those looking to start an exercise program and not sure where to get started!

When it comes to safely developing a Strong upper body, proper technique is crucial. Learning to properly sync our core, shoulders, and arms will not only keep us injury free and improve our posture, but keep us injury free in the long term as well.

Join us March 3 – 6:00PM to learn the details of proper shoulder mechanics, and how to integrate them into all of your upper body exercises.

Learn some drills that you can add into your warmup or do at home that will help you loosen up a tight neck and shoulders as well as improve your lifts at the gym!

Saturday Meet Free

Program testing is for everyone. Whether you choose to partake in our Saturday Meet, or you’d rather test your lifts during a regularly scheduled session- we want you testing!

Doing so will not only let you see the measurable progress you’ve made, but will help hold you accountable to your program.

We’ll be testing 1-2 strength exercises and 1-2 Endurance exercises per 6 week program. Most folks in the gym right now are working on a Deadlift variation and a Prowler test, though you are free to pick any goals you’d like. Just talk to a coach!

We’ll test every 7 weeks. Week 1 of each cycle will be the time to get acclimated to any program changes, as well as set baselines for to re-test against. Weeks 2-6 will be when most of the hard training a goes on, and Week 7 will be testing week.

In Home Private Training x 10 Sessions Purchase required to enroll